How to buy a bag

What to look for when buying a bag

For women, bags are an integral part of their attire. There’s a type of bag for every occasion. Whether you’re attending a formal event, a casual hangout, or running errands, the need for a bag always persists.

If you’re a shopaholic looking for a brand new carriable for yourself, or someone who hasn’t been bag shopping ever, this one is for you.

Price and Purpose are the two big P’s to consider before you even begin a search for your perfect bag. Sometimes, these two factors easily allow you to narrow down the brands you will be browsing through. 

Once you’ve decided how much you can spend and why you need it, you can begin to consider the following details in a bag: 

1. Material

The quality of the bag comes down to the materials used. Material choices often determine the strength of the bag, how long it will last, and sometimes even depicts how you’d be able to use the bag itself. 

When buying a bag, make sure you’re well researched on whether or not the fabric used is worth it. In the local market, Here are some of the common textiles used in the making of a bag.

  • Leather 
  • Synthetic Leather 
  • Canvas
  • Cork
  • Parachute
  • Polyester Fabric

All these and more, are ideal choices for a good quality bag. Of couse, the characteristics of each defines the strength and structure a certain type of bag will need. Is the material durable? Will the leather used crack and shed? Is it easy to clean? Would the material be able to hold weight? Ask these questions before you decide to add it to cart. 

2. Size

As much as you think your bag may be a fashion statement, it’s size matters. Too small, too roomy, it really depends on when you’re going to use it. Looking to get a bag for your office? A large hand-tote should be your go-to. Going for a casual day out? A crossbody bag is all you need. 

When it comes to handbags for women, it can be hard to decide. But if space is all you need, larger bag options are ideal. That doesn’t mean smaller bags aren’t handy enough. In fact, they can be a quick fix when cash, keys, a bit of makeup and your phone are the only items tagging along.

3. Functionality

If a bag isn’t functional, it totally defeats the purpose of having one. Pockets, straps, zippers, handles, compartments, keyrings, coin purse, it’s all a part of how functional the bag is. 

When you’re buying a bag, you should be able to conveniently adjust the stuff you’re planning to place inside. We’ve all been through the dread of not finding anything in a hurry. Pockets, compartments are extremely important for keeping your bag organized. Whatever feature makes a bag functional, in our opinion, it’s worth it. 

4. Style

Bags come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You’d see a million styles for a single type of bag. The style you’re comfortable carrying, is the one you should go for. From handbag, tote bag, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, hobo, satchel, to a backpack, fanny pack, duffle bag, laptop bag and the list goes on, choosing a style depends on your comfort level, occasion, and outfit. 

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