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Types of bags - A mini guide to popular styles of bags

Bags for girls and women come in lots of different styles, shapes and sizes. And since they are an essential part of our outfit and occasion, they’re sorted by the world into uncountable categories.

All different types of bags are unique in their own way, and have their own purpose. While searching for bags online, you may find a variety of bag styles, colours, and sizes. If you’re often confused about which style is called what, let us walk you through the basics. 



Shoulder Tote Bag:

A shoulder bag is a handbag or purse that has at least one long strap that can be worn over the shoulder. On the bag, the straps are usually well-reinforced. The strap is meant to be looped over the shoulder to support the bag and allow the user to carry it hands-free.


Any bag or case that may be carried by hand or over the shoulder through a long strap is referred to as a handbag. Within handbags, there comes a variety of styles and sizes as well. It is used to hold little personal items like cash, makeup essentials, small notebooks, handy perfume, everyday accessories.

Crossbody Bag:

Like the name suggests, a crossbody bag is meant to be worn across the body, with the strap crossing across the person’s body from one shoulder to the side of the waist. It is typically small in size, and can be used to carry everyday essentials. Crossbody bags are the best since they let your hands be free!

Mobile Pouch: 

Mobile pouches have recently been in trend. It is a small sling-type cross purse that can hold your phone, cash or cards. The main purpose of this small purse is essentially carrying your phone. It’s usually really slim, lightweight and easy to carry. 

Tote Bag: 

A tote bag typically has two long straps and a large open top. They are easy to carry on the shoulder. Tote bags typically have one huge interior space, though some do contain interior pockets for minimal organising. The large top opening allows you to easily see and access the contents of your bag.

Laptop Bag:

Laptop Bags conveniently carry laptops, as the name suggests. They are slightly larger than the laptop and are designed to protect it from ordinary knocks, scratches, water, and dust. 

A similar version of “laptop bags” has been introduced as sleeves. They’re thinner than an actual laptop bag and do not have handles. In our opinion, laptop bags are more handy as they’re spacious and more convenient in general. 

Zipper Pouch: 

A zipper pouch comes in all shapes and sizes. They can be used to store stationery, makeup, accessories and essentials, or even toiletries. It’s main purpose is to store things which are then usually kept in your handbag. They typically have one large compartment and are enclosed with a top zip slider. Sometimes, they have a wristlet attached to it to make a handy use out of them. 

Fanny pack/ Belt bag:

A fanny pack is a tiny bag worn around the waist that is attached to a belt. It is used to carry items such as money and keys. Usually, it is used for when people want to go out-and-about or while they’re travelling. 

Duffel Bag:

Duffle bags are lifesavers especially when you’re travelling. They’re lightweight, can carry a month’s worth of travelling essential and can easily be swapped for a trolley or a travel Backpack. Depending on its style, it might have shoulder straps, wheels, and even a strong adjustable strap.


Backpacks are one of the most popular types of bags that can be used by anyone regardless of their age. We all love a good sized backpack that can be used to carry things for school, college or university, or even when we’re travelling. 

And, that’s not it! There are so many other styles of bags that we still haven’t covered. But, we’ve almost covered all the basics. If you’re looking for bags for yourself, make sure you buy one that is the right fit for your needs. 





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