Top 4 Spirit Bags ideal for workplace

Top 4 Spirit Bags ideal for workplace

Finding a bag that is ideal to take to your office-space can be challenging, since you have to keep in mind a million things before final purchase. The bag should have lots of space, pockets, it should be easy to carry, with ideally shoulder or a long adjustable strap so your hands can be free. 

While the online space in Pakistan is filled with brands providing large capacity handbags and totes, Spirit’s got something different. We’re here to tell you, you can get all that and more, while rocking it too! 

Your everyday work handbag doesn’t have to be monochromatic, plain and boring. It can be fun, blooming and something that can express your style, all while being extremely functional. 

When it comes to the perfect bag for a workspace, it has to be spacious. Some people also prefer carrying their laptop and it’s essentials within their handbag as well, to avoid carrying a laptop bag and a handbag both. 

To make everyone happy, Spirit’s got a couple designs up their sleeves for people looking for either type of bag. Let’s have a look!

1. Spirit’s Beige Handbag

This is the ultimate bag created for people who’re looking for a staple. Spirit’s beige handbag is a combination of beige striped patterned cotton canvas fabric and rexine leather. With three compartments inside, it can carry everything, from your laptop to notebooks to your makeup pouch, wallets and any other essentials. 

It is the perfect bag for get-go people as it is spacious enough for you to carry almost everything. The best part? It is totally lightweight! Since the bag doesn’t have any weight of it’s own, it’s extremely handy to carry. The long shoulder handles make it an ideal choice for women.

2. Black & Multi-Colour Stripes Shoulder Bag

Our ethnic pattern is extremely popular and loved by many. While designing the bag, we had to make the most of it by incorporating it in a style that can be carried by many women. Of course, we paired the pattern with a thick black fabric that doesn’t scream informal and outdoorsy, but surely shows that your choice isn’t ordinary!

3. Keyboard Laptop Bag - Unisex

Black, but not boring! That’s how we love to describe our Laptop Bag that is also loved by many. Perfect for workaholics looking for something trendy to carry to their work.

Ideal for every day use as office work bag, travel laptop bag, business laptop bag or professional laptop bag. The padded inside compartments provides the ultimate convenience to slip things in and out as you like. The slim design and lots of pockets may as well have you not carry any other bag at all!

4. Egyptian Shoulder Bag 

New in our collection for Summer 2022, this bag received all the rage as soon as we launched. The Egyption culture inspired pattern and colours makes the bag totally unique. 

Using high quality leather, the bag gives a sleek finished look, perfect for people looking to stand out from the crowd. The bag was designed ideally for people looking for more space and comfortable style and we’ve received wonderful feedback. So, if you’re looking for a show-stopper that would also fit a whole laptop in when you’re ready for workmode, this one’s it.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Looking for the best quality handbags for women in Pakistan? You’ve landed in the right place! Spirit is one of the fastest-growing bag brands in Pakistan that offers a variety of stunning designs, perfect for any occasion. Check out and get your hands on our latest picks.

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