Spirit’s Guide to Bags for Every Occasion

Spirit’s Guide to Bags for Every Occasion

We’ve all been there—an invite to a dinner party comes along, your cousins plan a beach trip, or the job that you applied to calls back for an interview. While you may have your outfit and shoes sorted out for the occasion, there is one thing that might leave you stumped: bags. 

Bags can make-or-break an outfit. A nice bag, be it a handbag or a crossbody one, can provide the perfect finishing touch to your attire. You can use them to complement your shoes, or pair them up to match your jewelry. They can nicely round up a business-casual ensemble, or give your otherwise monochrome look a pop of color. 

However, not every bag is one-size-fits-all. Different events call for different types of bags. If you’re wondering where you can find a good guide to which situations call for what kind of bag, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place! Here is Spirit’s guide to bags for every occasion.

1. Everyday

For an everyday bag, there are several factors you should look at. Color is one of them. Everyday bags should have neutral colors, such as brown, tan, black, white, and grey, as these colors can be easily styled. Most of the time, they won’t clash with whatever outfit you choose to wear that day. They can nicely balance your overall look, without you having to dig through your closet for the most perfectly matching bag. 

Another factor is the size of the bag. On an everyday basis, you likely aren’t carrying around big and bulky items. When you’re constantly on-the-go, you need a bag that is smaller in size and is lightweight. It should allow you to store the essentials, without making your bag look stuffy. 

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Lastly, if we talk about the type of bag best suited for this occasion, then shoulder and crossbody bags are ideal. These bags allow you to easily store all your essentials and provide a more hands-free approach. Crossbody bags specifically allow you to sling your bag over your shoulder, which is super convenient for when you’re moving around and need your hands. 

If you’re wondering where to find a bag that can fit all these requirements, then how about giving Spirit’s crossbody bag a look? 

2. Beach Day 

Picture this: you have a beach trip planned, and you take your 100% genuine leather bag with you. You have a great time, only to come home and find that the seawater, sunshine, and sand destroyed your leather bag. To avoid this unfortunate situation, consider taking a cotton bag to the beach. 

Cotton is lightweight and dries easily. Even if you get your bag wet, the water won’t completely wreck it. This makes a cotton bag perfect for a beach day. 

You’ll also want a bag that is large enough to store all your belongings, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and towels. Not to mention, the bag should be durable enough to survive the harsh sunshine and sand of the beach. Cotton tote bags or cotton handbags are handy options for this.

Spirit’s Chrome Tote makes the perfect pick. Not only is it made mostly of cotton-canvas and Jute, but it also combines functionality with style. The design makes this bag on-theme for a beachy day! 

3. Interview 

Interviews are nerve-wracking for anyone. We spend a lot of time planning the most appropriate and suitable look for the occasion. From our hairstyles to our shoes, we make sure we look professional and proper.


It can be tricky to know what kind of bag is most suitable for an interview setting. A general rule of thumb is that you should never use a bag with bold designs or loud colors. You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by your bag. Neutral colors and minimal patterns are ideal, as they provide a clean and functional look. 

As for the size, always select a bag that can carry all your interview essentials comfortably. You don’t want your CV to be bent, or have to messily dig around to find a breath mint. Clutches or other smaller bags are not preferred for this reason. Remember, you want to look professional, not like you’re ready for an evening out. 

A nice shoulder bag, like this one, can give you the right look without compromising style. It’s spacious enough to hold almost anything. Not to mention, it has neutral colors and a simpler design.

Sleek and simple laptop bags can also be appropriate for an interview. Backpacks, however, are no good. They can make you look unprofessional and might clash with the formal nature of the rest of your ensemble. 

4. University/College

While backpacks are a no-go for interviews, they’re a staple for college and university. Backpacks distribute weight evenly across your back, making them feel lightweight and easy-to-carry. This is ideal for those long, grueling days when your feet complain about the size of your campus. 

As you tend to move around a lot during the day, durability for a backpack is a must. After all, you don’t want your bag to rip in the middle of the cafeteria, spilling all your belongings. As for the size of the backpack, a smaller one is capable of holding all your necessary belongings without giving you flashbacks to school. 

Spirit’s Formula Flex Convertible Bag  can give you all you’re looking for in a university bag: space, style, and comfort. Most of all, it’s a two-in-one convertible style! Wear it up as a backpack and down as a shoulder bag, the styles are endless!

5. Dinner Party 

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Whether it’s Eid, a cousin’s wedding, somebody’s graduation, or an invite to an iftaari; us Pakistanis love our dinner parties. They’re an excuse to visit beloved family members, and to make happy memories with them. 

Dressing up for a dinner party is something all of us do at least a couple times a year. When it comes to choosing a bag, it really depends on the nature of the event. Dinner parties can range from being semi-formal to formal. Because of this more casual bags, such as tote bags, aren’t really appropriate. 

Dinner parties only last a couple of hours, so you don’t want to select a bag that is too big. You’re only going to be carrying around a few important things, such as your phone, a lipstick, and maybe your wallet. A smaller bag would be better suited in this setting. 

As for the color and design, you can really go all-out. You can choose a bag that perfectly matches your outfit, or pair your look with a neutral color. You can select a clutch, a handbag, a shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag. Depending on your outfit and the nature of the event, you can go bold and bright, or you can opt for a more sophisticated and elegant look. You can even combine the two looks, such as this bag did, mixing fun patterns with elegancy.  

6. Wedding

Weddings are a staple part of any desi person’s life. Chances are, you attended dozens of weddings before you could even spell the word ‘wedding.’ They’re so prevalent that we often refer to the colder months as “shadi season.”

With shadi season fast approaching, you may be on the lookout for a good bag that can fulfill all your wedding-guest needs. For this occasion, you never want to opt for a bigger bag. Weddings, like dinner parties, only last for a couple of hours. You’re not going to need anything big during that time. A compact bag is therefore the ideal choice. 

Weddings are also a lot more formal in nature, which makes clutches and shoulder bags shine as the best choices. They provide a more graceful touch and are spacious enough to hold your favorite lipstick and compact powder for a bit of retouching. 

As for the design, intricate, delicate, and elegant designs are most preferred. Our Emerald Green Velvet Bag is a suitable example; it’s small yet spacious, and features a classic design that’s perfect for any wedding.  

And there you have it, a guide that’s sure to help you select the best bag for every occasion! 



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