Our love for fabric

Our love for fabric

Our Love For Fabric 

Our love for fabric came from the versatility it brings with itself. Vibrant colours, epic digital designs, textures and flairs, strength, structure and sustainability; needless to say, we believe fabrics have weaved a way for Spirit bags exactly how we imagined it to. An all rounded way for us to sketch, design, colour, sow and dress a bag the way we want.

For this reason, you’ll find Spirit bags interweaved with a variety of fabrics. From pure cotton, cotton canvas, to jacquard, synthetic jute, suede, rexine and many others, we use a mix of highest quality imported fabrics to ensure our bags are the best when in use. It makes them stranger, durable and easy to carry around, store and use!

A Splash of Colour

Almost always, you’ll find Spirit bags to be colourful, creative and totally unique. If you’re looking for custom-made bags online that you can match with your outfit, Spirit has got you covered. We hand pick fabrics that are screaming colours, mix and match the one’s which complement each other to make one of a kind design. Colours, textured fabrics, patterns, and digital designs are the essence of what makes a Spirit bag. 

Looking for the best quality handbags for women in Pakistan? You’ve landed in the right place! Spirit is one of the fastest-growing bag brands in Pakistan that offers a variety of stunning designs, perfect for any occasion. Check out www.myspirit.com.pk and get your hands on our latest picks.

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