Heading Out? Don’t Forget These Essentials!

Heading Out? Don’t Forget These Essentials!

When it comes to us women, you’ll rarely find us leaving the house without a bag in hand. Whether that’s a beloved handbag, a convenient crossbody bag, or a practical backpack, you’ll find it attached to almost every out-and-about woman you see. 

Bags can be a great way to elevate a plain outfit or to make a bold fashion statement. Not only that, but they also function as on-the-go storage units. Purses conveniently make up for the lack of deep pockets in our jeans, and any pockets at all in our kurtis. 

The question is: do you plan the contents of your bag correctly? What items are essential to keep in your daily purse? You don’t want to be in a situation where you need tissues but don’t have any on hand, or in a situation where you need a quick touch-up but forgot to bring any of your makeup. 

Knowing what to keep in your bag can save you from a lot of sticky situations. To help you decide what should stay at home and what should come with you, here’s a list of 12 items that you should always keep in your purse: 

1. Sanitizer 

COVID-19 has made us all realize the importance of having clean hands. Even though things have calmed down and there’s no need to be super cautious anymore, think about how many dirty surfaces you touch without even knowing it! Sanitizing your hands often helps you stay clean, and in turn, healthy. Always carry a sanitizer with you! 

Hand sanitizer

2. Wallet 

Sounds obvious, but it is so easy to forget. A spacious yet compact wallet, like this one, can save you from an embarrassing realization that you have no way to pay for the pizza your friends just ordered, or from the frustrating ordeal of not being able to eat anything on your lunch break. A wallet carrying either cash or credit should always be one of your handbag essentials. 


3. Tissues 

So, you remembered the wallet, and paid for the pizza, but now your hands are greasy and your mouth is covered in pizza sauce. Tissues are super useful for situations like these. They can remove grease and stains, ensuring you look your best even after a hearty meal. Plus, they’re great for when your allergies suddenly decide to make an appearance. 


4. Wipes 

Whether they’re makeup wipes, baby wipes, or travel wipes, they’re a must-have item for your purse. When the sun is shining and you feel all your makeup melting away, or when the dirt and dust decide to settle on your face, wipes can help you look and feel refreshed. 

5. Mints or Gum

You meet and talk to so many people every day; you don’t want to make a bad impression on anybody by having an unpleasant breath. It can be embarrassing to come home and find out that everyone probably knew what you had for lunch. For this reason, make sure to keep some sort of breath mints, breath spray, or gum in your purse. 

6. Comb 

A small, travel-sized comb or brush can help you look your best throughout the day. Between rikshaw rides and windy weather, your perfectly done hair, even after hairspray, can look like a frizzy mess by the time you reach your destination. Make sure your bag holds something to tame that mane! 

7. Pocket Mirror 

Yes, we all have cameras on our phones, but truthfully phone cameras just aren’t good enough yet to help apply a liquid lipstick in every nook and cranny. A pocket mirror can be a great addition to your bag, as it allows you to see things on a way more detailed level than a phone camera does.

8. Perfume 

Living in a hotter country means sweat is common throughout the year. Having a pen/pocket perfume in your bag can ensure you keep that body odor at bay. Make sure to keep a long-lasting one so you don’t have to worry about re-applying! 

9. Lip Balm

As the colder months approach, dry skin makes a comeback. Not only is it an annoying feeling when your lips are cracking, but it also makes you look unkempt. Lip balm is a must-have to make sure you keep your lips happy and hydrated. 

10. Makeup 

Makeup tends to disappear as the day goes on. Lipstick gets transferred to water bottles, eyeliner smudges, and your dewy foundation starts to look more like sweat. Having a few small pieces of makeup in your bag can help to correct the patchiness that occurs. Whether you keep lipstick, blush, powder, or mascara, carrying your makeup essentials can allow you to re-touch throughout the day, ensuring you look good!

11. Hair Ties & Catchers 

If you’re someone who likes to have their hair down, these are absolutely essential for your bag! We all know how irritating it is to have your hair untied on a hot summer day. Hair ties and catchers give you a quick solution: just turn your hairstyle into a messy bun, and you’re all set! 

12. Menstrual Products 

It’s no secret that accidents tend to happen from time-to-time. Menstrual cycles can fluctuate, leading to forgetfulness and surprises. No one wants to be caught in a situation like that. Always remember to keep menstrual products (even spare ones) in your purse for an emergency. You may not need them, but somebody else might. 


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