10 Beach Bag Must-Haves

10 Beach Bag Must-Haves

Warm, sunny days, with hot sand between your toes, and the humidity at an all-time high? No thanks! Give us cloudy, windy days with a light drizzle and you have yourself a perfect beach day!

Whether you’re planning a trip to the crystal clear waters of Kund Malir or the nostalgic shores of Hawke’s Bay, the busy environment of Sea View or the scenic views of Ormara, you’ll want to plan your trip accordingly to make sure you bring all the essentials. Packing your bag for the beach is an art, and lucky for you, we’ve tailored a checklist of the 10 absolutely essential items to pack in your beach bag for a sun-sational time! Let’s start packing! 

  • The Beach Bag

  • Okay, hear us out! Having a bag to pack your essentials seems obvious, but we wanted to highlight the importance of the type of bag you should take to the beach. You’ll want to make sure that your bag is large enough to fit everything, light enough to be comfortable on your shoulders, and strong enough to weather the sun, sand, and moisture. Some types of bags are better than others as beach bags. Suede bags, for example, are a no-go; the delicate suede texture can be destroyed by the sand. However, nylon, polyester, and canvas bags are great as beach bags. These bags are made of materials that can comfortably thrive in the beachy environment. Spirit’s Chroma Tote, made almost entirely of cotton canvas, fits all the criteria: it’s big, it’s lightweight, it’s durable, and most importantly, it’s fashionable! Just because you’re going to the beach doesn’t mean you have to compromise style! 

    Spirit's Chroma Tote Bag


  • Sunscreen 

  • This is arguably the most important item in your beach bag. While the beach can be fun, the rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your face. A good sunscreen will save you from getting a tan, developing fine lines, and having wrinkles caused by sun damage. Make sure to pack a broad-spectrum sunblock and to re-apply it after every few hours; your skin will thank you! 


    Spirit Pakistan Suncreen


  • Sunglasses 


    It’s not only your skin that needs protection from the sun, your eyes do too. Sunglasses can be an amazing fashion accessory, pulling together your whole outfit and making you look effortlessly cool. As a bonus, a good pair of shades also protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, ensuring that you’re able to jump in the water without the harsh glare from the sun. Don’t forget to add this important accessory to your beach bag! 


    Sunglasses for beach spirit pakistan


  • Hat or Cap 


    Did we emphasize the importance of UV protection yet? A nice, trendy straw hat or a firm baseball cap adds an extra layer of protection for your skin and scalp. Not to mention, they help jazz up your beachwear!


    beach hat spirit pakistan


  • Beach Blanket 

  • After walking along the shore, you’ll want somewhere to sit that doesn’t ruin your clothes. A beach blanket is essential for these circumstances! It’ll protect your clothes from the sand and from those pesky little insects hiding just beneath the surface. 


    Beach blanket spirit pakistan

  • Towels 


    When it’s time to say goodbye to the waves, there’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a nice, soft towel. Remember to pack a lightweight and absorbent towel in your beach bag so you can whisk the moisture away from your skin and hair. 

    beach towel spirit pakistan


  • Wipes 

  • While it may be fun to tread in the waves and dig your feet into the sand, it’s definitely not fun when all that salt water and those sandy particles find refuge on your skin. Packing wet wipes in your beach bag ensures that you’re able to clean off that layer of grime and freshen up!


  • Hair Brush 

  • The beach is known for having strong winds. That, combined with the salt air, can transform your perfectly made hairdo into a tangled nightmare. Keep a hair brush in your beach bag to brush out all those knots and tangles and keep yourself looking (and feeling) your best.


  • Hair Ties or Catchers 

  • While you may have packed your trusty hair brush, putting a hair tie or two in your bag will go a long way as well. It can be pretty irritating when your long hair is being whipped around your face while you stroll along the shoreline. A catcher or a hair tie is an easy fix, so don’t forget these essentials! 

  • Snacks 

  • What’s a trip to the beach without a big bag of potato chips? Pack all your favorite snacks in your beach bag to beat the hunger that comes with the long drive to the beach. Plus, after the weariness that comes from playing around in the ocean, who doesn’t want to indulge in some junk food? 



    That concludes our 10 most essential items for your beach bag! Ready to dive into the ocean yet? Slip on your flip-flops, slather on some sunscreen, and get ready to seas the day! 


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