Spirit's Top Picks of the Month - February 2022

Spirit's Top Picks of the Month - February 2022

Spirit bags are being loved by many all over Pakistan. If you haven’t had a chance to grab one of our bags, you’re probably missing out on a ton of compliments. 

Although almost every bag has been a huge hit, the crossbody bags and shoulder bags available on our online store happen to be the ultimate choice of people. 

Let’s look at few of the top picks of people and popular bags during the month of February 2022.

1. Cage-style Crossbody Bag 

This crossbody bag can easily make you fall in love with the colour mustard. Pair it with any solid outfit, and it will make you the star of the show! Conveniently sized, sophisticated design, what’s not to love? Have a look!

2. Box of Joy Crossbody Bag

This boxed bag has really been a true Box of Joy for all our customers. Its lively colours makes it extremely likeable, not to mention how spacious it is. Of all crossbody bags from our current collection, this bag is one of our most favourites. 

3. Envelope Style Crossbody Bag

The unique envelope shaped front pocket is what makes this bag really unique. A crossbody bag that has tons of pockets, it was bound to be one of our best sellers this month!

4. Bucket Shoulder Bag

Spirit’s striped bucket bag has been the talk of the town recently, with everyone drooling over how beautiful the bag looks when carried. The perfect blend of reds and maroon makes the bag look stunning. Have you gotten yourself one? 

5. Monochrome Shoulder Bag

Loved by many black and white fanatics, this bag was another hit! This is one of our bags that isn’t fully or mostly made of fabric, which proved to be ideal for people who prefer leather-feel in bags. Here, check it out!





Looking for the best quality handbags for women in Pakistan? You’ve landed in the right place! Spirit is one of the fastest-growing bag brands in Pakistan that offers a variety of stunning designs, perfect for any occasion. Check out myspirit.com.pk and get your hands on our latest picks.

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