How to store bags properly Spirit Pakistan

How To Store Bags Properly

Whether you absolutely love bag shopping, are an avid bag collector, or just someone who is struggling to keep their bags properly in place, we’ve got some tips to share!

Just like any other accessory, storing women's handbags can be a grueling task, especially if you have too many of them. Mostly, we either shove them somewhere at the back, or hang them on a hook; both ways are truly damaging no matter how expensive or inexpensive the bag is.

To keep the bag as good as new, you might want to take some time out to make sure your bag would retain its original shape for as long as it can. 
Let us tell you the key things you can do in order to store your bags properly!

  1. Clean up

Cleaning up your bag every now and then is a must. An easy way to keep a check is cleaning it up as soon as you’re done using it. If it’s a leather bag, make sure you’re using a soft dry piece of cloth since sometimes, water may leave a stain. 

For other fabrics, a slightly damp piece of cloth may fix a stain. Use water only and avoid using any other products as they may ruin the bag. Ensure that the bag is dry before you keep it away!

 2. Bags are never on a diet, stuff them up!

Stuffing the bags the way they came is a sure-fire way to retain their shape. It can also help create a more defined form. Stuffing a bag that lacks structure can expand excess material, eliminating creases and keeping the bag's material smooth.

It’s ideal to stuff the bag with the same material it came with. You can also use clothes that won’t stain the interior of the bag in any way, old plain t-shirts are a good option as well. Some other options can be plain paper, white towels, cushions or pillows or any other thing you can safely put inside!

3. Shelf it, don’t shove it!

A lot of us may be guilty of shoving the bags in our wardrobes as is, which isn’t the right way to keep it in its best shape. Or, if you’re fond of hanging your bag by the hook, that’s also another way of eventually causing it damage. 

Bags should be kept separately, on flat shelving or surfaces, preferably, away from each other. One way is to keep individual bags into dust bags so they’re kept nice and clean. Although, it’s understandable if your wardrobe is unable to accommodate all of your bags. The focus should be kept on keeping the handles of the bags tied together in a way that they keep their shape formed. 

Storing handbags properly may be tiring, but will only help in making your bag last long. The durability, freshness and keeping its structure depends on how you take care of it! 



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